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Airlink connects you to Nampula with direct flights from Johannesburg.


Surrounded by the open plains and rising mountains of the interior of Mozambique, Nampula is Mozambique’s third largest city and an ideal base from which to begin your exploration of the north of the country. Known for its unique atmosphere and culture, it’s worth spending a little time exploring Nampula before continuing your travels.


Nature-lovers will appreciate the volcanic rock formation that lines Nampula’s vast horizon, as well as the remote scenic beauty that the area offers, while architecture enthusiasts will love the city’s creamy white cathedral, as well as the ruins found on Ilha de Moçambique (Mozambique Island) - a tiny, crescent-shaped island directly to the east of Nampula. Along with remains of grand old buildings that were built from the coral rock, the island is also the site of one of Africa’s most formidable fortresses - Fort São Sebastião.


For your return journey fly back to Johannesburg and travel beyond with Airlink to other key leisure or business destinations.

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