We encourage all international customers to book one (1) single ticket with through-fares. More Details

Download the FlyAirlink App

The new FlyAirlink app, gives travellers a convenient platform to plan, book and manage their flights on their smartphones.

The app is intuitive, easy-to-use and is designed for ease of convenience and efficiency.
We want to make the entire process simple and effortless for our customers to plan their travel, book their flights, check-in and store their digital boarding pass, and monitor the status of their flights or of a flight they may have interest in.

The Flyairlink App Allows Customers to:


  • Search and book domestic and regional flights on the go.
  • Manage their travel preferences and payment methods from anywhere.
  • Check in and download digital boarding passes.
  • Monitor flight status and receive real-time flight update notifications.
  • Retrieve details from past trips
Download the FlyAirlink App

Download the FlyAirlink App

Available on iOS and Android app stores.