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Connecting You to the Bush Lodge Link Network Programme

Experience the heart of the African Bush with direct connectivity beyond the Skukuza and Nelspruit KMIA airports to three of the popular safari lodge airstrips located at Arathusa, Londolozi and Phinda Private Game Reserve.

Seamless connections can be made on Airlink’s scheduled services between Cape Town and Johannnesurg to Nelspruit and Skukuza Airport. The Lodge Network will also provide direct connections with Airlink’s regional service between Nelspruit and Livingstone.

The Arathusa airstrip will provide access to the neighbouring lodges, such as Chitwa Chitwa, Cheetah Plains, Elephant Plains, Simbambili, Nkortho, Djuma, Jaci’s Sabi House and Silvan Safaris. The Phinda airstrip provides access to a number of lodges in the area, such as Thanda Private Game Reserve and Rhino Ridge.

A short air transfer from the lodge airstrips or Skukuza Airport to Nelspruit KMIA connects you conveniently to Livingstone (Zambia), Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Important Lodge Link Facts

  • Operated by Airlink Grand Cessna Caravan 208B (12 passengers plus 2 pilots)
  • Checked baggage 20kgs (soft bag)
  • Cabin baggage 8kgs (soft bag)
  • Free soft bags available on request on arrival
  • Free baggage storage facilities at Skukuza Airport and Nelspruit KMIA
  • These exclusive services are restricted to applicable lodges and their guests
  • Airside lounges at Skukuza Airport and Nelspruit KMIA with refreshment and restroom facilities
  • Short airport transfers
  • Minimum connecting time at Skukuza Airport and Nelspruit KMIA is 20 minutes for domestic and 30 minutes for international - please note that this is a legal IATA connecting time
  • Charter Flights on request - contact Airlink's Group Department

Three letter City Codes

  • Londolozi Airstrip

    Londolozi Airstrip - LDZ

  • Arathusa Airstrip

    Arathusa Airstrip - ASS

  • Phinda Airstrip

    Phinda Airstrip - PZL

  • Ngala Airstrip

    Ngala Airstrip - NGL

    Operated on charter requests

  • Ulusaba Airstrip

    Ulusaba Airstrip - ULX

    Operated on charter requests

Lodge Airstrips and adjoining private game lodges in the reserve