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Flight Preparations

Tranquillization of dogs and cats is not recommended. 

See General Container Requirements at the beginning of this chapter.

  • Feed the animal only a light meal and short drink approximately two hours before dispatch and exercise the animal immediately before dispatch. 
  • Snub nose dogs, such as boxers, bulldogs, pekinese and pugs, are affected more than other breeds by rarefied atmosphere and care must be taken to ensure that the front of the container has open bars from the top to the bottom of the box for ventilation. It is essential that the animal be free from respiratory troubles. 
  • Shipment of females in heat (oestrus) is not recommended.
  • Females with suckling young and unweaned animals will not be accepted for carriage. 
  • Weaned puppies younger than eight weeks must not be shipped due to possible dehydration effects in air transportation. Kittens likewise, younger than eight weeks must not be shipped but it is recommended that a veterinary certificate be provided for those under twelve weeks stating the animal(s) is/are fit to be transported because of their small size, especially as some breeds, renders them more susceptible to the effects of dehydration. 
  • Weaned puppies and kittens may travel well together. The quantity must be related to the size and strength of the individual animal. Avoid shipping a weakling which could be harmed by its companions. Certain national regulations require cats or dogs to be crated individually unless the consignment is a litter over 10 weeks with the mother. 
  • For pet animals, a familiar article in the container helps to placate the animal. Animal's name must be marked on the outside of the container.