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Partner Programme

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Airlink preferred partner. If your establishment meets the Airlink partner criteria we would be happy to partner with you. Airlink will showcase your establishment profile to our customers on the relevant Destination Discover page. In return, you are required to showcase our Airlink banner on your website with a hyperlink to the relevant Airlink destination page.

If your establishment meets the criteria, follow the steps below to add the Airlink banner to your website. We recommend adding it to your travel planning/contact/map page on your website.

Airlink will obtain a description, image and web link to use for your partner profile from your website. Partners will randomly rotate order to ensure equal visibility for all partners.

NOTE: Airlink retains full rights to accept or reject partner applications based on the criteria.

Partner Criteria

  • Does at least one Airlink flight route service guests to your establishment? Eg: Airlink flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town. See Airlink’s routes here
  • Do some/all of your guests fly-in when travelling to your establishment?
  • Is your property of a high tourism standard which caters for fly-in guests?

Partner Linking Guide

Follow the steps below to generate your partner link to add to your website below. (You may require your web developer to assist).

Step 1

Click to download the appropriate light or dark logo for your site. (PNG format).


Wrap the Airlink logo around an anchor tag and insert the relevant Destination URL


Step 3

Once you have added the Airlink anchor tag to your website, please email us at :[email protected]

We will check the Airlink anchor tag, approve the partnership and add your partner profile to the relevant Airlink Destination Discover page to complete the exchange.