Airlink tickets issued on 749 ticket stock from/on 01 August 2022 will have a 1 year ticket validity. More Details

Conditions of Carriage

All Passengers issued with a Ticket for carriage by air on Airlink will have a Contract of Carriage. This Contract gives the Passenger the right to be carried on a flight or series of flights and its terms are governed by:

  • The terms and conditions of contract of the Ticket
  • These conditions of carriage; and
  • The applicable Conventions
  • Definitions & Interpretations

    1. Definitions & Interpretations

    Definitions & Interpretations of this Conditions of Carriage.

  • Applicability

    2. Applicability

    Terms & conditions related to Interline Travel, Overriding Law & Air travel during a Pandemic.

  • Tickets & Identification

    3. Tickets & Identification

    Terms & conditions related to Period of Validity, Non-use of Ticket, Sequence of Ticket Use, Tax Invoice.

  • Fares, Taxes, Fees & Charges

    4. Fares, Taxes, Fees & Charges

    Terms & conditions related to Fares, Taxes, Fees an Charges, Currency & Fares.

  • Reservations

    5. Reservations

    Terms & conditions related to Reservation Requirements, Ticketing time limit, Personal information, Seating, Aircraft, Reconfirmation of flights, Cancellation of flights.

  • Medical & Special Assistance

    6. Medical & Special Assistance

    Terms & conditions related to Passengers with special needs, Emotional support dogs & Unaccompanied minors.

  • Check-In, Flight & Boarding Time Requirements

    7. Check-In, Flight & Boarding Time Requirements

    Terms & conditions related to Check-in, Flight closure times & Boarding.

8 .Refusals & Limitations of Carriage

Terms & conditions related to Reimbursement of costs, Onboard services, Ground Services & Weight limitatations.

  • Flight Schedules

    9. Flight Schedules

    Terms & conditions related to Disruption to Operation, Remedies for Cancellation, Delays, Denied boarding.

  • Baggage

    10. Baggage

    Terms & conditions related to all Baggage categories.

  • Refunds

    11. Refunds

    Terms & conditions related to Refunds.

  • Conduct Aboard Aircraft

    12. Conduct Aboard Aircraft

    Terms & conditions related to On-board alcohol, Smoking policy & Breach of duty.

  • Services Provided by Third Parties

    13. Services Provided by Third Parties

    Terms & conditions related to surface carriage or other services (for example, ground transfer, hotel reservation or accommodation or car rental) arranged by the Airline.

  • Travel Documents, Customs & Security Inspections

    14. Travel Documents, Customs & Security Inspections

    Terms & conditions related to Refusal of entry, Fines, detention costs and other charges, Confiscated travel documents, Custom & Security inspections.

Successive Airlines

15. Successive Airlines

Where the Passengers carriage is to be performed by the Airline and other Airlines in succession under one Ticket, or a conjunction Ticket, it is likely to be regarded as a single operation for the purposes of the Warsaw Convention and the Montreal Convention. Please see Clause 16.2 (Scope Of Liability).

16. Liability for Damage

Terms & conditions related to Scope of liability, General limitation, Death or injury of passengers & Advice to international Passengers on limitation of liability.