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Why a Sunbird?

  • In Africa, sunbirds are found mostly in sub-Saharan Africa and Madagascar. The Airlink network covers the same area as an inter-airline service provider, expanding its routes further into that territory.
  • The primary food source of the sunbird is nectar, making them important pollinators in the African ecosystem. Airlink connects destinations in southern African markets, collecting passengers (nectar) at different points and connecting them with business opportunities in widespread towns and cities (flowers) and so impacting the regional and local economy and having a positive impact on business.
  • The sunbird flies from flower to flower, hovering and pausing to collect nectar. Airlink goes to different destinations, where they pause to offload passengers and their luggage before turning the aircraft around, refuelled, cleaned and sanitised, collecting new passengers and flying back to another destination – flitting like the bird between cities and towns.
  • The sunbird plays a crucial role in the pollination of African species such as proteas, aloes and coral trees, helping to ensure high floral density. Their flight is also fast and direct, thanks to their short wings. The Airlink network is fast and direct, from point to point, with convenient, quick turnarounds.
  • Most sunbird species are resistant to changes in habitat. Airlink is a resilient, privately-owned, profitable company that continues to flourish in a challenging industry.

Why a Sunbird Infographic

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