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SuperSport Schools exists to grow school sports and young athletes.

SuperSport Schools exists to grow schools sport and get more sports stars to shine, across the African continent by broadcasting the full South African schools sport story – from the beginning! Their vision is to extend this to encompass the African Continent.

SuperSport Schools records and live-streams school sports automatically – indoors and outdoors – so that parents and other interested parties can watch from anywhere LIVE or any time ON DEMAND and at NO COST to the viewer.

Airlink has partnered with SuperSport Schools to sponsor cameras, technology, and commercial rates for students, coaches, and staff. Find out more about upcoming events below.


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Airlink has partnered with SuperSport Schools and offers flights to all major destinations in Southern Africa.

Our all-inclusive fares provide 15kg's free sporting equipment at no extra cost.

15kg's FREE Sporting Equipment Allowance!

Airlink tickets include FREE baggage allowances. Each ticket allows 20kg's FREE on an Economy class ticket with an additional 15kg’s FREE sporting equipment allowance.

In total free baggage allowance is 35kg's before *excess baggage charges will apply. That means you are really only booking for your seat, and your baggage is at no extra cost! T&C's Apply.

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