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E-JETS Air Management System and Cabin Air Quality

Our aircraft are equipped with High Efficiency Particulate Air filters, like those used in hospital operating theatres, which are effective at blocking 99.97% of particulates, including Coronavirus molecules. These filters help to continually sterilise the air in our cabins, which is renewed entirely every three minutes.

Together with the Airports Company South Africa, we are implementing all of the necessary effective sanitisation and distancing measures to stop the transmission of the COVID-19 virus while travelling on an Airlink flight.

We look forward to welcoming you back on one of our flights soon.
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E-JETS Air Management System Explained

  • E-JETS Cabin Air Recirculation

    E-JETS Cabin Air Recirculation

    E-Jets were designed considering the most up-to-date engineering best practices, including all major standards (FAA/ EASA, SAE, and ASHRAE). The use of cabin recirculation HEPA (High Efficient Particulate Air) filters on every E-Jets the same technology used in hospital to trap pollutants including COVID-19 virus with an efficiency over 99.9%*.

  • E-JETS Air Management System

    E-JETS Air Management System

    Filtered air is distributed throughout the cabin by diffusers located near the overhead bins and exit the return grills located next to the floor; the outflow valve controls the cabin pressure by modulating the airflow from pressurized area to the outside environment

  • E-JETS Cabin Airflow

    E-JETS Cabin Airflow

    Cabin air conditioning system designed to minimize cross infection between aircraft rows. The airflow passes through the pax head position and exit in the same cabin section (not front to back or vice-versa).

  • E-JETS Cabin Air Outlet – Passenger Air Barrier

    E-JETS Cabin Air Outlet – Passenger Air Barrier

    The protection effect of E-Jets cabin air outlets is high due to its proximity to the passenger head position (L), as the air dispersion is lower. Studies indicate the E-Jets air outlet valve may act as an additional contaminant barrier, acting as an air curtain to minimize cross infection.

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