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Antananarivo, more commonly referred to as Tana, is the capital of Madagascar, and is known as the main access point to the island for travellers. This lively city is a former French colony and has a distinctly French feel to it. Set on twelve hills, the heart of Antananarivo is built over three levels, each connected by numerous staircases.

Previously disregarded as a worthwhile travel destination, Antananarivo has in recent years grown in popularity with travellers. It’s a wonderful city and is loved by many for its wealth of history and culture, as well as its delightful shopping opportunities and world-class cuisine that could rival Europe’s Michelin-starred restaurants, but without the high price tag. There is so much to explore in Antananarivo, it’s worth spending a couple of days there before continuing with your travels through Madagascar.

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The vibrant city of Antananarivo is the main access point to Madagascar. It has excellent shopping, dining and entertainment areas, along with sites of cultural heritage and natural beauty, including the heart-shaped lake, Lac Anosy.

What to do in Antananarivo

Lemurs' Park

Lemurs' Park

Did you know that the lemur population in Madagascar is thriving? Luckily for you, a visit to Antananarivo’s Lemurs’ Park will prove it to you. The Lemurs’ Park is a rehabilitation and release centre for Madagascan lemurs to flourish in. With lemurs living in their natural habitat and living freely in the sanctuary, you should be expecting a breathtaking experience.

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  • Croc Farm Ivato

    Croc Farm Ivato

    One for the adventurous animal lovers. The Madagascan crocs at the Croc Farm enjoy spending their days basking in the sun and waiting for travelers to stop by. Croc Farm is one of the most visited private parks in Madagascar and houses the biggest predator in the country – the Nile crocodile. The Croc Farm will not disappoint!

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  • Ambohimanga Historical Site

    Ambohimanga Historical Site

    If you’re looking for the ultimate place to expand your knowledge of Madagascan history, Ambohimanga is calling! Just a few kilometers Northeast of Antananarivo, Ambohimanga is a World Heritage Site that embodies political importance. It is a former royal city and burial site with views overlooking rice terraces, the primary source of vegetation of the Malagasy Merina people in the 15th century.

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Madagascar - the Treasure Island

Discover Madagascar, an exotic island country nestled in the Indian Ocean, off the east coast of Africa.

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