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The NSPCA brought to our attention that legislation for controlling the spread of rabies places a responsibility on airlines when accepting cats and dogs for transportation. Before accepting cats and dogs the airline must ensure the vaccination of the animals conforms to the law. 

According to the Animal Diseases Act 35 of 1984 - control measure against Rabies - "all dogs and cats in the Republic shall be immunised with an efficient remedy by an officer, veterinarian or authorised person at the age of three months followed by a second vaccination within 12 months, at least 30 days after the first vaccination and thereafter every three years. Dogs and cats younger than three months may be vaccinated provided that they are again vaccinated at the age of three months, followed by a third vaccination within 12 months and thereafter every three years." 

We hereby request that you assist us to adhere to the legislation in supplying the following when cat(s) and or dog(s) are lodged for transportation on our domestic flights:

  • An inoculation booklet confirming that the cat(s) and or dog(s) are 8 weeks and older.
  • A valid proof of vaccination against Rabies for cats and dogs of 3 months and older.
  • The proof of Rabies vaccination may not be older than 3 years from the last Rabies vaccination received.