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Airlink Flight Schedule

Airlink has suspended all operations in support of South Africa’s lock-down to slow and contain the spread of the COVID-19 “Coronavirus”. We intend to gradually reinstate a reduced schedule of services once the lock-down has been lifted. We had already planned to operate independently using our own unique “4Z” flight code from 11 June 2020, this will now be brought forward to 20 April 2020 as we resume our schedule, should it be safe to do so.


Back to Business reduced flight schedules published on 4Z flight code effective from 20 April 2020

Airlink 4Z Flight Schedule – Effective 20 April 2020 – 3 May 2020

Airlink 4Z Flight Schedule - Effective 4 May 2020 - 10 June 2020


Whilst the restrictions are currently intended to last for 21 days, we will take our cue from the Government and the relevant health authorities. Our target date for recommencing operations will be 20 April 2020 and we will continue to keep our Customers, Travel Agents and Operators informed should unforeseen circumstances necessitate a change to this date.

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