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Sishen is known for being the iron ore capital of the Northern Cape. It is home to one of the largest open-cast mines in the world, and the iron-ore railway that runs from Sishen to Saldanha is one of the longest iron-ore carriers in the world. Situated just outside of the Kalahari Desert, it is loved for its remote and unique location. The area also boasts one of the best golf-courses in the country.

Despite its semi-arid environment, Sishen is blessed with a natural spring in the heart of the town, which provides 20 million litres of crystal clear water every day. Known as The Eye of Kuruman, it is the biggest natural fountain in the southern hemisphere. Another interesting attraction worth visiting is the Wonderwerk Cave. At 139 meters deep, this is one of the longest-inhabited caves in the world, with San rock paintings in areas near its mouth.

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Sishen borders the Kalahari Desert and is a base to explore fascinating archeological and geological sites, such as Wonderwerk Cave and Morokweng Crater. It also hosts one of the best 18-hole golf-courses and country clubs in South Africa.

What to do in Sishen

Wonderwerk Cave

Wonderwerk Cave

Assumed to be the world’s oldest human dwelling, Wonderwerk Cave is an archaeological site and a National Heritage Site. The cave has been around for over a million years and is overflowing with history.

  • Morokweng Crater

    Morokweng Crater

    The Morokweng Crater is an impact structure created almost a million years ago and caused by the impact of an asteroid. Despite being almost a million years old, the crater was only discovered in 1994. A true sight that will be interesting to all!

  • Boesmansgat Sinkhole

    Boesmansgat Sinkhole

    Boesmansgat Sinkhole is the world’s third oldest freshwater cave dive sites. The sinkhole was formed when underground water dissolved the dolomite rocks above making this a site for divers and geography fans who want to know more about the formation of the sinkhole.

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