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Discover Maputo

Situated in the far south of Mozambique, Maputo is the rejuvenated capital city of the country and often the first port of call for travellers wishing to explore the many attractions of Mozambique. Emerging from its colonial history, Maputo is a combination of Portuguese style architecture, vibrant African culture, and is known as the most developed place in Mozambique, with a wide selection of hotels and restaurants, supermarkets, and cafes.

Maputo has a variety of attractions worth seeing within the city, including the bronze-domed CFM Maputo Railway Station, an expansive Municipal Market and the neoclassical City Hall. However, the city is most loved by travellers for being the gateway to Mozambique’s 1,500 miles of tropical, white sand beaches and the world-class coral reefs that accompany this creamy coastline.

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Maputo offers a good introduction to the historical, cultural and scenic beauty to be expected in Mozambique. There is an array of activities include visiting The Cathedral, Maputo Special Reserve, and tasting diverse cuisine at restaurants and cafes.

What to do in Maputo

Inhaca Island

Inhaca Island

Across the bay from Maputo, Inhaca Island is just the location for a daytrip. The island is accessible by ferry from Maputo. During your daytrip to Inhaca Island, the activities available range from boat trips and whale watching to diving and kayaking. The daytrip is a must-do!

  • Casa do Ferro (House of Iron)

    Casa do Ferro (House of Iron)

    Casa do Ferro – or the House of Iron – is, as you can guess by the name, built entirely of iron! One of Maputo’s greatest historical landmarks, the building was built by Gustave Eiffel and famously imported from Belgium to Mozambique in 1892. Casa do Ferro is a true historical landmark and a memorable experience.

  • Fortalezo of Maputo

    Fortalezo of Maputo

    Fortaleza of Maputo is said to be one of the most important buildings in Mozambique. The building was once a fort and is now a museum that tells stories of the era of the country’s tribes and colonial history. This is an experience for the history lovers and for first-time tourists in Maputo.


See Mozambique's capital city and business hub from a bird's eye view.