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Discover Lusaka

Lusaka is Zambia’s capital city and largest urban zone, as well as the geographic and commercial heart of the nation. It is known as one of southern Africa’s fastest growing cities with new developments springing up all over it. In addition to its numerous shops and hotels, there are many good restaurants and coffee shops for the discerning Airlink passenger. The bustling Central Market, and numerous small shops on Cairo Road, provide an authentic insight into Zambian culture and are great places to meet the locals.

While the efficient banking, ease of communication, and embassies in the city make Lusaka a useful place to visit in Zambia, it is most loved for being a key entry point for travellers wanting to explore the wild and remote areas of the country, such as the South Luangwa National Park.

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As Zambia's largest and capital city, Lusaka is a hub of modern and local commercial activity, that can be enjoy in the great selection of shops, restaurants, and hotels. The country's history comes alive at the Kabwata Cultural Village, while Nembo Scenic Park offers a miniature version of Zambia.

What to do in Lusaka

Lusaka National Park

Lusaka National Park

Lusaka National Park is situated just outside of Zambia’s capital city and is the country’s newest National Park. In the park are over 1000 species of rare and endangered animals. Lusaka National Park is one of the two in Zambia located in a city environment, making it that much more special.

  • Nembo Scenic Park

    Nembo Scenic Park

    This activity is for those tourists who are looking to learn more about Zambia and the country’s structure and make-up. Nembo Scenic Park is a miniature model of the country, providing a bird’s eye view of Zambia. Being able to view this gorgeous country is an adventure that you will surely enjoy.

  • Kabwata Cultural Village

    Kabwata Cultural Village

    The Kabwata Cultural Village’s purpose is to preserve Zambia’s history through cultural and visual arts. The traditional village consists of huts in which Zambian people live. Since the village’s construction, crafts and food have been added as an experience for travelers from far and wide. Visiting the Kabwata Cultural Village will give any lucky tourist the full Zambian experience.

Let's Explore Zambia

Whether you seek wild adventures, dramatic scenery, or simply the opportunity to lie back and absorb the beauty and grace of the land, its wildlife and its people…Zambia has it all.