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Discover Lubumbashi

Lubumbashi is a large city in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where old colonial façades line the clean, wide streets. Situated along the mining region of the Copperbelt, the city is known for being the main industrial centre of the mining district in southeastern Congo, with copper and malachite mining being the primary industries in the city. Other large industries within Lubumbashi include printing, flour milling, and brewing.

Lubumbashi is loved for its relaxed atmosphere, and the local people have an invested interest in the appearance of the town, with the aim to create sustainable urban renewal using culture and creativity. From street performances to visual arts festivals, the city celebrates artisan work and is home to a vast amount of creativity. In addition to the many cultural and artistic organisations within the city, other attractions include a national museum, a Roman Catholic cathedral, the Society of Congo Historians, the Frederic Kibassa Maliba Stadium, and Lubumbashi Golf Club.

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Lumbumbashi is a key commercial and industrial centre in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The city's laidback urban atmosphere complements its vibrant arts and entertainment culture.

What to do in Lubumbashi

Mountain Gorilla Trek and Volcano Hike (Virunga National Park)

Mountain Gorilla Trek and Volcano Hike (Virunga National Park)

DRC is one of the countries renowned for its mountain gorilla tours, which are sure to appeal to anyone and everyone. The troop of mountain gorillas resides near the volcanoes of Virunga National Park. Aside from being in the presence of the mountain gorillas in their natural habitat, you are also in for a spectacular panoramic view of the volcanoes on your hike.

  • Lake Tanganyika

    Lake Tanganyika

    Holding 17% of the globe’s surface freshwater and being the second largest freshwater lake in the world, Lake Tanganyika borders four countries – the DRC being one of them. Though the water levels of the lake are slowly rising, the biodiversity that comes along with the lake appears to be never-ending. Lake Tanganyika offers a source of livelihood for over 10 million people in East Africa and is home to over 700 species of fish. The lake should be a hotspot for you on your DRC ‘to do’ list!

  • Lofoi Falls

    Lofoi Falls

    Lofoi Falls is found slightly North of Lubumbashi in the Kundelunga National Park. It is one of the largest waterfalls in Central Africa, plunging down for 340m. Though Lofoi Falls is spectacular all year round, your visit will be made even more fulfilling in the rainy season.

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