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Discover Jamestown

St Helena Island is known for the abundance of life and beauty on this remote South Atlantic Ocean island. It is loved for the opportunities to swim with its whale sharks, explore historic wrecks and walk or mountain bike its unique landscapes.

Appreciate the unique flora and fauna and immerse yourself in its heritage and history, where the final chapter of Napolean’s life played out.

This island is 47 square miles of sub-tropical paradise and is one of the most extraordinary places in the world.

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Jamestown is the capital city of St Helena, one of the best-kept secrets of the South Atlantic Ocean. This remote island is known for its incredible biodiversity, natural scenery, and cultural heritage. Climbing Jacob's Ladder and exploring Half Tree Hollow district are exciting activities on land, while the sea offers opportunities to dive amongst whale sharks and ship wrecks.

what to do in Jamestown

Jacob's Ladder

Jacob's Ladder

Jacob’s Ladder is a 699 step, 282m long and 195m high staircase leading up the side of Ladder Hill to Ladder Hill Fort. A true historical experience journeying up the staircase and into the fort. This adventure is a must!

  • Half Tree Hollow

    Half Tree Hollow

    Housing 22% of St Helena’s population, Half Tree Hollow district can be seen while you are approaching St Helena. It is positioned above Jacob’s Ladder and is an experience that would be recommended to any and every Jamestown visitor.

  • Heart Shaped Waterfall

    Heart Shaped Waterfall

    This stunning waterfall is literally in the shape of a heart! The stream of water runs in a single drop to the valley above Jamestown. It truly is a spectacular sight and unlike anything that you have ever seen before.

Jerusalema in The South Atlantic

Jerusalema has arrived on St Helena Island!