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Discover Gaborone

The sprawling urban metropolis of Gaborone is the capital city of Botswana and is known for being the commercial heartbeat of the country. This rapidly modernising city is one of the fastest growing cities in the world, offering impressive attractions such as the Otse Village, the Three Chiefs’ Statues, Mokolodi Game Reserve, Gaborone Game Reserve, Thapong Visual Arts Centre and the National Museum and Art Gallery.

Gaborone is loved for providing all the conveniences and modern comforts of city life, while still being just minutes away from rural Africa. This unique combination offers great opportunities for travellers who are keen to explore Southern Africa.

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Botswana's cultural diversity is reflected in Gaborone, a city of friendly people, busy shopping markets, and innovative cooking. It offers a relaxed opportunity to get a real sense of the country, before heading into the bush.

What to do in Gaborone

Three Dikgosi Monument

Three Dikgosi Monument

Botswana’s journey to independence is fascinating to learn about during a trip to Gaborone. Three tribal chiefs (known as ‘dikgosi’) made a great trip to Great Britain to request the Queen’s permission to become an independent country. This historical statue is something that is sure to appeal to everyone interested in learning a bit about Botswana and its history.

  • Lion Park Resort

    Lion Park Resort

    A daytrip for adventure-seekers of any age! The Gaborone Lion Park Resort is a theme, water and animal park all in one. Visit the lions – our main attraction – and then spend some time on a rollercoaster or waterslide. We have it all!

  • Maitisong Theatre

    Maitisong Theatre

    For the theatre lovers and lovers of the arts, Maitisong Theatre sets the stage for musicals, concerts and more. One of the aims of the Theatre is to promote Botswana’s local artistic scene. The main event of the year is The Maitisong Outdoor Festival and if you’re lucky enough to be visiting Gaborone during that time, attending the festival is a must.


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