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Mozambique’s second largest city, Beira is re-establishing itself as a destination worth visiting and tourism in the area is growing. Situated halfway up the coast in Sofala province, at the mouth of the Púngoè River, Beira is an important port city and is known as a centre for trade with its neighbours: Zambia, Malawi and Zimbabwe.

It is loved for its Mediterranean style architecture which can best be appreciated from the city square (Praça), which is in the heart of the city and is a hub of activity with shops, restaurants and banks. Travelling north from the city centre along the beach road, you’ll find the red and white lighthouse, and the popular palm-lined Macuti Beach. On the banks of the Púngoè River in the oldest part of the port, there is an eerie ship graveyard that is also worth a visit.

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Beira is the centre of history, art and culture in Mozambique, with churches, temples and craft markets that reflect its modern and traditional sides. Spend time at popular Macuti Beach and enjoy the festive nightlife at its restaurants and bars.

What to do in Beira

Ship Graveyard

Ship Graveyard

If you’re in Beira, it’s well worth a visit to Macuti Beach to witness this unique scene: the remains of an old shipwreck lying on the sandy beach directly in front of an abandoned lighthouse. It’s definitely a must-see!

  • Beira Railway Station

    Beira Railway Station

    Beira Railway Station is worth the visit because of the architectural design being so ahead of its time. Built in the 1960s, the design is unlike any other architecture that you would have come across at the time.

  • Beira Cathedral

    Beira Cathedral

    This is one for passionate historians! Beira Cathedral was built in the early 1900s with stones from the old San Caetano Fort, showcasing the Mozambiquan culture of solidarity and serenity.

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