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Airlink connects you to Polokwane with direct flights from Johannesburg.


Polokwane is a vibrant and bustling city at the heart of the Limpopo Province. Founded during the gold rush of the 1880’s, its rich history and unique setting make Polokwane an exciting business or alternative holiday destination.


The city is known for being the service and trading centre for the surrounding rural areas of the Limpopo Province. It also serves as a rich agricultural district. Home to one of the largest municipal-owned game reserves in South Africa, Polokwane Nature Reserve. Polokwane is loved for its wildlife and bush settings, as well as its numerous historical attractions.


Its strategic placement on the Great North Road, halfway between Tshwane and the Zimbabwean border, also make Polokwane a perfect gateway city.


For your return journey, fly back to Johannesburg with Airlink and travel beyond to other key leisure destinations.

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Visit The City of Polokwane

The city of Polokwane has a flourishing tourist industry thanks to its scenic setting and sunshine. Polokwane is the provincial capital of Limpopo Province.

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Fifteen Reasons to Visit Limpopo Next

“What is there to do in Limpopo though?” you might well be asking. Well, so was I. I mean, it’s certainly not a province that was ever at the top of my bucket list. I never really thought much about Limpopo, to be honest, but when I did, I mostly imagined dry landscapes and not much else. Well, boy was I wrong!

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