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Airlink connects you to Ndola with direct flights from Johannesburg.


Ndola is Zambia’s third largest city and is situated within the country’s copper mining region, known as the Copperbelt. This lively city boasts a number of reputable restaurants and shops throughout, as well as various tourist attractions worth visiting such as the Copperbelt Museum, the Mupapa Slave Tree and the Dag Hammarskjold Memorial.


As one of the oldest colonial towns in Zambia, Ndola is loved for providing an opportunity to discover the region’s history, as well as the surrounding natural attractions. Often referred to as the “Friendly City”, the people of Ndola are warm and welcoming and it’s well worth spending some time exploring the city and experiencing the Ndola way of life.


For your return journey fly back to Johannesburg and travel beyond with Airlink to other key leisure and business destinations.

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