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Airlink connects you to Kimberley with direct flights from Cape Town and Johannesburg.


Kimberly is the capital city of the Northern Cape and one of the largest cities in South Africa. Born out of the diamond rush of the late 1800s, the town has conserved a lot of its history and is known for being home to the Big Hole, a diamond mine the size of eight football fields that was excavated by hand.


Today, Kimberly is a bustling modern city and is known for being the main attraction in the Northern Cape with plenty of tourist attractions, including shopping malls, art galleries, restaurants, museums and a licensed casino. The Magersfontein battlefield and museum is also just a short drive outside of Kimberley for those interested in the history of the Anglo-Boer War.


For your return journey fly back to Cape Town or Johannesburg and travel beyond with Airlink to other key leisure and business destinations.

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Airlink Connects You to Kimberley

Airlink connects you to Kimberley, the capital city of the Northern Cape provinve in South Africa, with direct flights from Cape Town and Johannesburg.

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