Airlink tickets issued on 749 ticket stock from/on 01 August 2022 will have a 1 year ticket validity. More Details

Services Provided by Third Parties

In the event that the Airline arranges for another company to provide the Passenger with surface carriage or other services (for example, ground transfer, hotel reservation or accommodation or car rental) or if the Airline issues the Passenger with a Ticket or voucher relating to any such surface carriage or other services for the Passenger’s convenience, the Airline is acting only as the Passengers agent in making those arrangements or issuing the Ticket or voucher. The terms and conditions of the companies providing those services will apply to the Passenger and the Airline does not guarantee the quality and/or safety of such service on those companies’ behalf.

The Airline will have no liability to the Passenger regarding any surface carriage or other services the Airline may arrange for the Passenger in its capacity as the agent in making those arrangements which are to be provided by another company unless caused solely by the Airline’s gross negligence.

The Passenger will have the right to refuse the use of such third party services and the Airline will not accept any liability as a result of the Passenger’s decision to do so.