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Certain fares have conditions attached that limit or exclude the Passenger’s right to change or cancel reservations. The Passenger is responsible to familiarise themselves with the terms and conditions that apply to the fare and Airlink accepts no responsibility for the Passenger’s failure to do so.


The Passenger is obliged to inform Airlink at the time of reservation if the Passenger has a medical condition which may require medical assistance or special assistance during embarkation, disembarkation or aboard an aircraft.

The reservation will be provisional and converted to a confirmed reservation once Airlink is satisfied that the Passenger has received any medical clearance required and all conditions attached to such clearance have, or will be, complied with by the Passenger. Airlink reserves the right to deny boarding to a Passenger in the interest of safety. In such instances Airlink will refund the denied Passenger in full.



The Reservation, Ticket and Boarding pass must exactly match the Identification (Passport or South African ID book/ID card) with the same identically spelt and order of first names and surname. A maximum of two middle names is permitted if applicable. If you are unsure how to enter the Passenger name when booking online at, please contact any Airlink office before completing the booking.



Tickets can be transferred to another Passenger and any error in the name or spelling of the name will mean that the ticket will have to be reissued and an administration fee will be charged for the same booking class. Children and infant discount applies.



Digital copies of any form of identification will not be accepted, as per SACAA regulations.



The onus lies with the Passenger who is responsible for the accuracy of their personal data when booking online, over the phone or at a booking office such as:

  1. Names are correctly spelt
  2. Contact telephone numbers and e-mail addresses are correct
  3. Correct flight dates and times
  4. Correct departure and arrival airport
  5. Ensure you receive a printed or electronic confirmation with your travel itinerary and E-ticket receipt. Airlink accepts no further liability to the Passenger for any loss or expense.



Children under the age of five years including infants must always travel with an adult or guardian (aged 18 or above) in the same cabin at all times.



When travelling with children under the age of 16 as part of a group or large family etc., the airline requires that adults of 16 years of age and older accompany the children at all times in the same cabin, subject to the following conditions:

  1. For every five children (aged 5 to 11 years) travelling, one adult is required.
  2. For every ten children (aged 12 to 15 years) travelling, one adult is required.
  3. For a mix of age groups (both 5 to 11 years and 12 to 15 years) and the number of travelling children exceeds 5, then one adult is required for every five children.


Once the reservation is made, the Passenger or someone on the Passengers behalf must pay for the Ticket before the specified ticketing time as advised by Airlink in the fare rules.



The Airline reserves the right to cancel the reservation if the Passenger has not paid the applicable fare for the Ticket according to the Ticket Time Limit as advised in the fare rules.


The Passenger acknowledges that personal information (including sensitive personal information) has been provided to Airlink for the purposes of making a reservation, issuing a Ticket, a boarding pass and other ancillary services related to the Passenger’s carriage, including, for example, provision of wheelchair assistance, facilitating immigration and entry procedures, facilitating security checks, dealing with customs control and making information available to government agencies in connection with the Passenger’s carriage (for example, security, customs or immigration where Airlink is required by applicable Law to do so).



Sensitive personal information, for example information relating to the Passenger’s health or disabilities, religion, criminal record or otherwise may be processed by Airlink. The Passenger hereby authorises Airlink to disclose such sensitive personal information to third parties for the purposes described in Clause 5.3.1 above.



Airlink may require the name and contact details of a third party whom Airlink may contact in the event of an emergency. It is the Passenger’s responsibility to ensure that the third party consents to the disclosure of the information provided for that purpose.



Airlink is obligated to comply with the Protection of Personal Information Act (PoPI) in South Africa with respect to the processing of all personal passenger information.


The Airline will use reasonable care within its remit to meet advance seating requests, but cannot guarantee that the Passenger will be able to sit in any particular seat.



The Airline reserves the right to change the seating arrangements for a similar seat at any time, even after the Passenger has boarded the aircraft, whether for operational, safety, security reasons or otherwise.



The emergency exit row seat as per SACAA regulations stipulate strict control as to whom may and may not occupy these seats and comes with great safety responsibility to passengers that occupies them including having the strength, mobility, and balance required to open the exit door on the crews command. Failure to meet the requirements below will result in the passenger being reassigned to an alternative seat at the airport or onboard.

The following conditions must be met to be seated at an emergency exit row seat:

  • must be 16 years of age or older, able bodied, willing and able to assist in the case of an emergency
  • must be able to understand instructions in English
  • must be free from any physical or mental condition
  • must not be pregnant, travelling with an infant, disabled, visually impaired, elderly or require an extension seatbelt



A Chargeable Advance Seat Reservation is applicable to Economy class on the Airlink E-Jet aircraft subject to seat availability which can be purchased online at or at any Airlink ticket office for valid 4Z/749 ticket stock.

The Chargeable ASR applies to the following rows:

AircraftOperating Business & Economy classOperating Economy class
Embraer 195

Row 5 and Row 12

Rows 1 to 5 and Row 12

Embraer 190

Row 3 and Row 11

Rows 1 to 3 and Row 11

Embraer 170

Row 3

Rows 1 to 3

  • The chargeable seats are only guaranteed for the flight booked. In case of voluntary changes to the flight before departure, the Advance Seat Reservation will not be transferred to the new flight.
  • Chargeable Advance Seat Reservation is Non-Refundable for voluntary changes.
  • Chargeable Advance Seat Reservation are Not-Reroutable and Not-Transferable to another flight or another passenger.
  • Passengers who do not meet the emergency exit row seat requirements will result in the passenger being reassigned to an alternative seat at the airport or onboard.


The Airline will use its best endeavours to provide the aircraft specified in the published timetable for carriage, but cannot guarantee that the particular aircraft will be used. The Airline reserves the right to change the aircraft on which the Passenger will be carried, whether for operational, safety, security reasons or otherwise.



Occasionally, it may be required for whatever reason to temporarily supplement the Airline’s fleet with aircraft operated for the Airline by another Airline. In the event that this applies to any aircraft on which the Passenger is due to be carried by the Airline, the Airline will endeavour to inform the Passenger of the identity of the operator of the aircraft after which the Passenger will be obliged to familiarise themselves with the Conditions of Carriage of the aircraft operator.

Please reconfirm all flight information as indicated on the Ticket two (2) Business Days prior to departure.


Passengers who fail to present themselves for a flight without advising the Airline in advance, no later than one (1) hour prior to the scheduled departure time will be a "no-show" and the Ticket flight coupon will be forfeited.

The same will apply if the Passenger does not present themselves for a flight, be it at the check-in counter for the check-in procedure or the boarding gate for the boarding procedure prior to departure. It is the Passenger’s responsibility to familiarise themselves with the terms and conditions of the fare and the Airline does not accept any responsibility for the Passenger’s failure to do so.



The Airline will not be liable to the Passenger for any loss or expense whatsoever resulting from the Passenger’s failure to fully comply with the requirements in terms of Clause 5.7.1 above.



Passengers who have checked-in online and are no longer travelling will need to cancel check-in acceptance no later than 1 hour prior to the scheduled departure time to avoid being a no-show on the flight they were booked to travel on.

On-line check in can be cancelled on and on the FlyAirlink app by selecting the “Check-In” tab and log in and proceed to select the “cancel check-in” option and follow the prompts.

If a passenger’s coupon shows “C” status, please ensure the passenger is offloaded from the flight before the reservation is cancelled.

For rebooking or further assistance contact your travel agent or nearest Airlink Ticketing office.