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Fares, Taxes, Fees & Charges


The fare paid for the Ticket includes the carriage of the Passenger and their Baggage from the airport of departure to the airport at the destination via specified Stopovers at the times and on the dates specified in the Ticket, unless Airlink advises the Passenger otherwise for whatever reason.



Airfares are different for adult, children and infant Passengers.

  • Adult fares apply to Passengers twelve (12) years and over.
  • Children fares apply to Passengers two (2) to eleven (11) years of age.
  • Infant fares apply to Passengers under two (2) years of age.



  • Infants that pay the infant fare will be seated on the adult’s lap.
  • Infants that require their own seat (between six (6) and twenty three (23) months) must be in an approved car-type seat and will be charged the children fare.



Infants becoming two (2) years en-route must have a booked seat for the remaining portion of the journey and the child fare applies for this part of the journey.



Children who have reached their twelfth (12) birthday en-route at the time of departure shall pay the full applicable adult fare.



The fare charged shall be determined by the age of the child or infant at the date of departure.



A second infant (twins) must travel with an accompanying adult.



The fare does not include ground transport services between airports and town terminals.


Before carriage, the Passenger will pay Airlink the total amount of all applicable taxes, fees and charges imposed on Airlink by a government or other authority, or by the operator of an airport, which Airlink is obliged to collect from the Passenger or to pay in respect of the Passengers carriage.



When the Passenger purchases the Ticket all taxes, fees and charges not included in the fare will be shown separately on the Ticket, but will be included in the total fare of the Ticket.



Taxes, fees and charges imposed on air travel are not within Airlink’s control and is prescribed and can be imposed or changed after the date the Ticket has been purchased. If a tax, fee or charge is imposed or increased after the Ticket has been purchased, the Passenger is obliged to pay to Airlink any such tax, fee or charge, or any such increase before carriage at Airlink’s request.

Fares, taxes, fees and charges are payable in the currency of the country in which the Ticket is issued. Foreign currency converted to the currency of payment will be at the applicable IATA Bankers Selling Rate quoted and applicable on the date payment is made.