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Means the airline trading as Airlink (Pty) Limited.

Means the two character IATA code which identifies individual Airlines in Tickets, timetables, reservation systems and elsewhere. Airlink’s airline code is 4Z.

Means a passenger sales agent (which can include another Airline) appointed to represent the Airline in the sale of carriage on our services.

Means the rate for the purpose of the transfer of funds through banking channels.

Means the personal property accompanying the Passenger in connection with their trip. Unless the Airline determines otherwise, Baggage consists of the Passengers Checked Baggage and Unchecked Baggage.

Means a claim tag given to the Passenger to identify each piece of Checked Baggage.

Means any Day other than a Saturday, Sunday or South African public holiday.

Means Baggage the Airline takes into custody for carriage in the hold of an aircraft for which the Airline has issued a baggage tag to the passenger.

Means the time limit the airline has set for the Passenger to complete the process of checking-in formalities and receive a boarding pass.

Clause headings are for convenience only and must not be used for interpreting the contents therein. Where the clause describes a period of any number of days, this period of time will be calculated by excluding the first day and including the last day of that time period. If the last day falls on a day which is not a Business Day, then the very next day will be counted.

Means these conditions of carriage contained herein.

Means the Montreal Convention and / or the Warsaw Convention where applicable.

Means a Ticket issued to the Passenger in conjunction with or in relation to another Ticket which together constitute a single contract of carriage.

Means an electronic coupon which entitles the named Passenger to travel on the particular flight identified on it.

Means any of the seven days of the week.

Means a refusal, other than flight cancellation or delay to carry Passengers on a flight for reasons of health, safety, security or inadequate travel documents or do not meet the booking requirements.

Means the electronic entries within our reservations database recording the carriage the Passenger has booked.

Means a dog that is shown by documentation to be necessary for the emotional wellbeing of a Qualified Individual with a Disability or to provide assistance to such person.

Means a document the Airline issues when travelling on an Electronic Ticket that contains the Passenger’s name, flight information and notices and delivered to the Passenger by email or by hand.

Means the non-operation of a flight which was previously planned and in respect of which at least one Passenger Reservation has been made.

Means a change in flight any time prior to the departure of the original flight initiated by the passenger.

Means the departure or landing of a flight later than its scheduled time.

Means any event outside of the Airline’s control including without limitation, acts of God, and meteorological events such as:

  • Storms
  • Rain
  • Wind
  • Fog
  • Flooding
  • Heat
  • Earthquakes
  • Haze
  • Cyclones
  • Volcanic eruption
  • Pandemic
  • Endemic

It also includes without limitations government actions, disturbances or potentially volatile international conditions, civil commotions, riots, embargoes, wars or hostilities (whether actual, threatened or reported) strikes, work stoppage, slowdown, lockout or any other labour related disputes involving or affecting our service, mechanical difficulties, Air Traffic Control, the inability to obtain fuel, airport gates, labour or landing facilities for the flight in question or any fact not reasonably foreseen, anticipated or predicted by the Airline.

Third party Force Majeure including but not limited to Municipal Airports, Private Airports, ACSA Airports, Fire & Rescue Services downgrade of airports, Navigational Aids unserviceable, Air Traffic Control etc.

Means the International Air Transport Association.

Means the International Civil Aviation Organisation.

Means either a valid South African Identity Document (ID book or Smart Card), a valid South African Drivers Licence or a valid Passport.

Means your spouse, your children (including adopted children), your parents, your brothers and sisters, your grandparents, your grandchildren, your parents-in-law, your brothers and sisters-in-law and your sons and daughters-in-law.

Means carriage on the services of more than one carrier where carriers agree to accept each other’s tickets and baggage.

Means a change to a Passengers itinerary, provided the electronic ticket has been issued and is initiated by the airline in the event of a flight cancellation, technical or flight delay resulting from events within the airlines control.

Means any applicable law of general application and includes the common law and any statue, constitution, decree, treaty, regulation, directive, ordinance, by-law, order or any other enactment of legislative measure of government (including local and provincial government) statutory or regulatory body which has the force of law.

Means baggage items accepted for carriage in terms of the Limited Release handling procedure at the sole risk of the Passenger which indemnifies Airlink against any subsequent claim for alleged damage or pilferage.

Means the unification of certain rules relating to International Carriage by Air, signed at Montreal, 28 May 1999.

A passenger who held a confirmed reservation for a flight but who failed to use the reservation for reasons other than a missed connection.

Means any person (whether adult, child or infant) holding a Ticket to be contracted with Airlink for carriage in an aircraft (except members of crew).

Means a document issued as part of the Passenger Ticket which ultimately must be retained by the Passenger when travelling on all flights.

Means any person whose mobility is reduced when using transport because of any physical disability (sensory or locomotory, permanent or temporary), intellectual impairment, age or any other cause of disability and whose situation needs special attention and adaption to the person’s needs of the services made available to all Passengers.

A change of routing when a flight is unable to land at the scheduled destination and diverts to an alternative destination. This also includes voluntary or involuntary rerouting which may require Ticket reissuance.

Means Special Drawing Right, the composite unit of currency that is used as the official unit of exchange of the International Monetary Fund.

Means any place set out in the Passenger Ticket or shown in our timetables as a scheduled stop (regardless of duration) between the first place of departure and the last place of destination in the Passengers Ticket.

Means fares for carriage, charges and related Conditions of Carriage and Ticket restrictions filed, where required, with the appropriate authorities.

Means the Passengers Baggage, other than the Checked Baggage, which is carried by the Passenger aboard the aircraft or by Skycheck.

Means the period for which an E-ticket or EMD is valid.

Means a change to a Passengers itinerary, provided the electronic ticket has been issued and is initiated by the passenger.

Means international instruments of law which apply to the Passengers carriage.

Means there is no limit on the number of pieces of baggage that can be checked in as long as the weight allowance for the total number of pieces does not exceed the free baggage allowance as indicated on the E-ticket.

Means our internet website with the address


Airlink will use its best endeavours to make reasonable decisions about the interpretation of the applicable Laws, regulations, orders or governmental policy for the purposes of Clause 8.1 (Right To Refuse Carriage), and Clause 12 (Conduct Aboard Aircraft).

Such decisions may have to be made in circumstances where limited time is available and no proper opportunity exists to carry out any or sufficient enquiries. As a result, any such decision made by us will be final and binding on the Passenger even if subsequently proved to be incorrect, provided that at the time that Airlink made the decision had reasonable grounds for believing that it was correct or reasonable in the circumstances.

Where Airlink expressly provides in these Conditions of Carriage that the Passenger must comply with applicable Law or applicable governmental, ICAO or IATA requirements, the Passenger is obliged to comply with such applicable Laws or requirements at all times, especially on the date or dates of the Passenger’s carriage.

All dates and periods of time referred to in this Conditions of Carriage will be ascertained in accordance with the Gregorian calendar.

The title of each Clause of this Conditions of Carriage is for convenience only, and is not to be used for interpretation of the text.

Limitation of liability: These Conditions of Carriage contain terms and conditions which appear in similar text style and format to this Clause and which – a) May limit the risk or liability of the Airline or a third party; and / or b) May create risk or liability to the Passenger; and / or c) May compel you to indemnify the Airline or a third party; and / or d) Serves as an acknowledgement, by you, of a fact.

Your attention is drawn to these terms and conditions because they are important and should be carefully noted.