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Self Service Check-in (CUSS)

What is CUSS?

The Common Use Self Service (CUSS) check-in facility will help speed up the check-in process and shorten queuing time for those travelling with hand luggage only.


About CUSS (Common User Self Service)

CUSS is an International Air Transport Association (IATA) recommended practice and part of their "Simplifying the Business" initiative to make air travel more easy.

IATA has set various initiatives with the aim of simplifying the travel experience. Included in these are e-ticketing, barcoded boarding passes, e-freight, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and CUSS. The aim of these initiatives is to encourage self service, which in turn, improves airline efficiency and customer convenience.

How to Use Self Service Check in (CUSS)

Customer identifies their method of check-in: reference number, e-ticket, or passport number (if present in booking).

Customer enters their chosen method of reservation identification. For this, customers need have their booking itinerary readily available.
E.g. Reservation no. (six alphanumeric digits printed on itinerary receipt or six alphanumeric digit vendor registration no issued by a travel agent), e-ticket (number starts with a 749) or passport (if present in booking).

If multiple passengers are booked, select passengers for check-in.
An option to check-in multiple passengers on alternate bookings may be done at the same time if travelling in a group (maximum 9 people).

Confirm flight details on screen.
At this point, the passenger may also check-in for more than one flight booked for that day.

Passengers select their preferred seat on the aircraft.
The system initially assigns a seat automatically, if not pre-assigned a seat during booking. However the passenger may decide to choose their own seat during self-check-in. 

Confirm flight details and Boarding Pass will be printed. 

If a credit card is used to make a flight booking, it must be inserted in the credit card slot when asked for at the kiosk for verification unless the ticket was sponsored. The entire self-check-in procedure will take a passenger previously exposed to the system, approximately 15-20 seconds to complete.

While passengers are not required to produce any form of identification during self-check-in, they may be asked to do so at the boarding gates.
It is an illegal practice to check-in under someone else´s name or to allow another person to travel on your booking.

Passengers must ensure their boarding passes have an e-ticket number (e.g. Airlink tickets, 7491234567891) printed on the boarding pass or a paper ticket inserted in the back pocket. If neither of these are adhered to, the passenger will be sent back to the check-in counters and not allowed to board the aircraft. International travellers will be able to make use of this new innovation at a later stage.