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Check-in & Baggage Drop Off Times


Time Requirements

Check-in and boarding time requirements:

Passenger must present themselves for check-in at the designated check-in counter no later than the time stipulated below before the scheduled departure time of the flight as indicated on the Passenger's Ticket.

Domestic: Two (2) hours
International / Regional: Three (3) hours

Domestic: Check-in closes thirty (30) minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.
International / Regional: Check-in closes fifty (50) minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.

Domestic: Boarding commences thirty (30) minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.
International / Regional: Boarding commences forty (40) minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.

Domestic:Domestic Boarding closes fifteen (15) minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.
International / Regional: Boarding closes twenty (20) minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.

The Passenger must be present at the boarding gate no later than the time specified on the Passenger's boarding card.

Passengers that check-in must report directly to the boarding gates within the times stipulated above. Failure to do so will result in the Passenger and their Checked Baggage being offloaded from the flight and will be deemed a “no-show” and the Ticket flight coupon will be forfeited. The Airline will not be liable for any loss or expense incurred due to the Passenger’s failure to comply with this provision.

Notwithstanding the provisions of Clause 7.1 (Check-in Times), check-in deadlines are different at the various airports and the Airline recommends that the Passenger informs themselves about these check-in deadlines and honour them accordingly. The Passenger's journey will be more convenient if the Passenger allows sufficient time to comply with the check-in deadlines.

The Airline reserves the right to cancel the reservation if the Passenger does not comply with the check-in deadlines indicated.

Self-service check-in facilities include Online and Kiosk. Passengers can check-in on a computer, tablet or smartphone via

Online check-in opens 24 hours before departure time and closes 60 minutes before scheduled flight departure.

The Airline does not assume any responsibility for failed or wrongful displays on the airport monitors. Passengers are required to present themselves no later than the time stipulated on the boarding pass for boarding and will be informed at the boarding gates of any irregular operation by the Airline representative.

Check in options available for Airlink flights.

  1. Check-in at the Airport: Check-in at an Airlink designated counter at the airport no later than 2 hours for domestic and 3 hours for regional flights. A printed boarding pass, e-mail boarding pass or SMS boarding pass is available.
  2. Self Service Kiosk: At all major airports, use the self-service check-in kiosks to check in and have a boarding pass printed and proceed with baggage to the Airlink check-in counter. In the event of hand luggage only, proceed directly to the security gate.
  3. Web and Mobile Check-in: Passengers may check-in online 24 hours prior to flight departure time on any smartphone enabled device. Show the online boarding pass at the security gates and boarding gates for scanning and processing. No third party check-in is allowed.

For home printed boarding passes, the entire boarding pass document must be printed on A4 paper and be legible and have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. If these conditions are not met the Passenger will be required to collect a boarding pass at the check-in counters or at the self-service kiosk. If the Passenger has no check-in luggage you may proceed directly to security without reporting to the check-in counter.

Certain airports have a baggage drop counter where the Passenger can hand in the bag no later than sixty (60) minutes prior to departure. Failure to do so will cause the Baggage not to be loaded onboard the aircraft. Baggage must conform with the Airline’s baggage policy and for safety reasons certain dangerous articles must not be carried in Passenger’s Baggage. Please refer to Clause 10.4 (Items Not Allowed In Passenger’s Baggage).

If a baggage drop counter is unavailable, a normal check-in counter can be used.

Passengers need to check the flight information screens in the departure terminal for boarding and gate information as this will not be printed on the home printed boarding pass.

Boarding commences in advance prior to flight departure time. Passengers who fail to present themselves at the boarding gate on time will be denied travel without compensation and baggage offloaded. Boarding times vary across the Airlink network see Clause 7.3 (Flight Boarding Times). Please allow enough time to pass through Immigration and Security. High traffic at peak times will be experienced so please allow more than 1 hour before departure time for boarding formalities.

All Passengers using the online check-in facility must produce valid identification, as provided for in Clause 3.1.1 (Tickets and Identification), which will be checked at the boarding gate. Any Passenger without the appropriate identification will be denied boarding and their Baggage offloaded from the aircraft if applicable.

Any Passenger failing to present their boarding pass at the boarding gate will be required to have the boarding pass reissued at the Airlink check-in counter. On return to security the Passenger will be obliged to resubmit themselves for the security screening. The Airline accepts no liability where such process results in a Passenger missing their flight by failing to report at the boarding gate at the stipulated time before the flights departure.

Passengers travelling with hand luggage should ensure that it meets the Airline’s requirements with respect to number, size and weight of articles being carried and does not contain any sharp or dangerous objects. The Airline reserves the right to refuse acceptance of hand luggage that is not in conformity with its baggage policy.

The Airline reserves the right to suspend or terminate the online check-in facility for certain flights from time to time at its discretion. In this case the Passenger will be required to check-in in accordance with the normal airport check-in procedure.

Conditions of Carriage

Check-in and flight boarding time requirements