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Liquid, Aerosols & Gels (LAGS)

You may have heard of LAGs, but what exactly are they?

LAGs stands for Liquid, Aerosols and Gels and refers to new International safety regulations that limit the quantity of these items allowed in your hand luggage on international flights.
Yes, the new laws do mean a little more planning is needed when packing but they are for the safety of all international flights.

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Check This Out Before Checking In

If you want to take any creams, toothpaste, drinks, gels, shampoo, mascara, perfumes, shaving foam, deodorant, sprays, lotion, oils, soups, solutions, syrups and so on in your hand luggage remember...

  • Fill It

    Fill It

    Liquids, Aerosols and Gels in your hand luggage must be in containers of maximum 100ml.

  • Bag it

    Bag It

    Store them in this transparent, resealable bag. Total bag capacity must be maximum 1 litre. Only 1 bag per passenger.

  • Hand luggage

    Carry on

    Be prepared before you check-in by having your bag out at the Security check. Enjoy your travel experience.

  • huge luggage

    Huge luggage

    We don't want to confiscate your belongings so if they don't comply with the new rules, pack them in your check-in luggage.

  • containers

    Hand Luggage

    No containers over 100ml in your hand luggage, even if they're partially filled.

  • Baby fomula

    Baby formula and Medicine

    Baby formula and food as well as medication carried on-board need not be in your LAGs bag but remember to show them to Security. If carrying medication you may need to produce your prescription.

Duty-free can be carried on to the plane

The best news is duty-free can be carried on to the plane. Your goods and proof of purchase slip will be sealed in a special Duty-free bag. Don't break the seal of the bag before arriving at your final destination.

duty-free can be carried on to the plane