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Special Equipment & Baggage Categories

Guidelines for special equipment and baggage items.

Any item(s) of baggage which is mislaid, wrongly labelled, misrouted or damaged whilst in the custody of Airlink shall be regarded as mishandled baggage.
Mishandled baggage should be reported immediately upon arrival at the Baggage Enquiries office in the arrivals area.

No excess baggage charges shall be raised for the carriage of the following items:

A non-collapsible wheelchair or power-driven wheelchair may be accepted provided the passenger is dependent on it. Wheelchairs weighing in excess of 32 kg may not be accepted as checked baggage and must be pre-booked and handled as cargo through Airlink Cargo Customer Care contact +27 10 880 3632/3.

Musical instruments, cello, harp, guitar etc, are not accepted in the aircraft cabin and accepted only as Checked baggage for placement in the hold compartment. This type of baggage shall have a “Fragile” sticker attached and the Passenger shall be required to sign a Limited Release tag. Advance arrangement must be made no later than three (3) days Business days prior to departure. The musical instrument must be in its hard-shell case for appropriate protection.

A maximum mass of 10 kg of perishable goods may be included in the free baggage allowance. Due to its perishable nature, it will be carried at the passenger’s own risk and will not be accepted on Airlink regional flights.

Each Regional country that Airlink operates to have strict import and export regulations thus perishable items of any nature shall only be acceptable as manifested cargo. Special clearance needs to be obtained. Permits and documents need to be applied for. The correct labeling, packaging and special load notification to captain needs to be completed.
Contact Airlink Cargo on +27 10 880 364/5 or for further information.

Cremated human remains (ashes) are acceptable for carriage as checked baggage provided the Passenger is in possession of all the necessary documentation including the certified copy of the death certificate. 

The Container or Urn containing the cremated remains should have the ashes placed in a plastic bag   inside as supported sealed container for added protection that will pass airport x-ray machines. 

Permits are not required for the conveyance of the ashes of bodies which have been cremated in a crematorium, but a Certificate of Cremation must be produced if required during security inspections prior to boarding.  


Coffins containing human remans (body must be embalmed and not leaking) is not accepted at check-in but only as Cargo after a assessment is made due to the restricted cargo capacity size of Airlink aircraft. 

[email protected] needs to be contacted 48 hours in advance by a registered undertaker or funeral parlour. 

Your hold luggage should not contain:

  1. Fragile articles
  2. Perishable articles
  3. Valuable items such as:
    1. cameras and accessories;
    2. computers and accessories (notebooks and notepads)
    3. phones
    4. legal and/or company documents
    5. legal tender (cash cards or cheques)
    6. Bullion (gold, silver etc.)
    7. leather jackets and clothing 
    8. any type of jewelry
    9. merchandise 
    10. Electronic Cigarette

Airlink will assume no liability for loss or damage of the aforementioned items and may refuse to carry such as Checked/Sky-check baggage.

Essential items of clothing and toiletries may be purchased and claimed from Airlink should baggage which has been mislaid by Airlink or its appointed handling agent not be returned to the passenger on the same day, except where the passenger resides in the area where the loss has been reported. Such items are restricted to maximum value of ZAR350.00 per passenger, per day, limited to a maximum of 5 days.

The extent of Airlink's liability is determined by the applicable Convention being either the Montreal Convention or the Warsaw Convention.

The liability of the Airline in regard to any claim that the Passenger may have against Airlink in regards to Loss or Damage to Baggage is limited to the higher of:

  • the sector fare paid by the Passenger for the Ticket; or
  • the applicable Convention in terms of any claims related to the loss of or damage to Baggage, provided that the Passenger comply in all material respects with the procedures in submitting the claims as provided for in the applicable Convention.

Conditions of Carriage

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